Flavor in Every Bite

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Nigiri sushi is made of thin slices of protein (typically a raw fish) over a small vessel of sushi rice.

We offer a wide variety of nigiri sushi options.



Maki (a.k.a. roll) is fish, vegetables, and sushi rice layered atop one another, then rolled up in a sheet of seaweed. J Sushi offers a wide selection of creative and flavorful makis.



Poke ("POH-keh") means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish, which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces.


A Mouth-Watering Experience

J Sushi is a premier and creative Sushi Restaurant that has been proudly serving the Metro Detroit area since we opened our door. Since day one, our mission has been to provide high-quality Asian food for those who seek skillful cooking and an extraordinary dining experience. Scroll down to learn more about our menu and our story, or simply book a table today.


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